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How Many Dolphins Are There In This Picture?

This picture has gone viral on social media and no one is agreeing on the dolphins count in this pic. Everyone has their own count. You can also try to find all dolphins.

Everyone will agree with nine dolphins. But there are more than these four.

Keep trying to find all dolphins in the above pic.

We have an answer ready for you, just scroll down a little and you can find the answer.





The answer is 17.

How many did you manage to find?

How Many Lions Do You See In This Picture?

How many lions?

Here comes the problem. It’s not math, but I remember this particular challenge in our geometry class.

Below, in the picture – how many lions are there?

How many lions can you find? The answer is after the picture below.




There are quite a few

It is important to think a little outside the so-famous box to figure this one out.

The ducks are marked in the image below;

How many lions did you find?

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