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Only 1 In 40 People Can Find Odd One Out In 30 Seconds

How sharp are your visual skills? Can you spot all of the differences in all 5 pictures? Test yourself with this game. It starts off easy but gets more difficult as each level progresses.

If you’re able to find all of the differences in under 30 seconds, you definitely have a sharp eye for detail!

1. Find the odd one out!

2. What about this one?

How fast can you do it? Prove that you are a puzzle master and pass the test without making a single mistake! This could be tougher than you expected but we bet you can do this! Give it a go!

3. Getting harder!

4. Still too easy for you? Scroll on!

5. Where’s the odd one out?







Found them all correctly? Then you must have extraordinary memory and observation skills! Amazing work on this brain puzzler, you did what most people can not do and did it in record time! Finding all the differences and doing it so quickly is the mark of someone with high above-average mental capacity, comprehension, and visual processing skills: Congratulations!!

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