Home Lifestyle A man worked for a road crew.

A man worked for a road crew.

A man worked for a road crew.

One day he woke up ill with a touch of laryngitis but being a dedicated employee he went to work.

The boss felt sorry for him and didn’t want him to do any physical labor although they were repairing a part of the freeway.

He said to the worker, “Why don’t you go down the road and tell people to slow down going through the construction?”

The worker is glad for the easy day and does as instructed. He stops the first vehicle that comes along.

“Sir,” he whispers, his throat feeling worse, “Please slow down, there’s a road crew up ahead.”



“Okay,” the driver whispers back, “I’ll try not to wake them.”

A woman eating alone at a local eatery.

Patty was quietly minding her own business, eating her soup alone in her booth at a local eatery, when a voice startled her from behind.

It was the guy in the booth behind her.

“Not so loud!” he said.

“What?” she questioned, as she took another spoonful of soup.

“I said not so loud!” he reply.

Embarrassed at being told she was slurping her soup, she pushed away from her bowl and started to try other food

“How was your day?” he asked.

“Pretty good,” responded Patty

“Did you pass the exam?” the next question.

“I don’t know, I didn’t get my grade yet,” replied a thoroughly bewildered Patty.



“I’ll have to call you back when I’m out of here”, came the voice from behind once again, “some nut job is answering every question I ask you!”

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