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You Are A Genius If You Can Pick Out Your Name In Less Than 30 Seconds!

To solve this puzzle, just look at this block of text that we have provided you with seemingly random letters and try to find your name. This puzzle is definitely a lot harder than most people expect.

Many people who do this puzzle tend to start getting pretty agitated, which is not surprising because things that are difficult for us to figure out tend to annoy us. If you can solve this puzzle quickly and without going to this page first then you have above-average intelligence!





Did you find your name?

No? Well, that’s because this is a tricky puzzle and the instructions were part of the trick. You should really search for “YOUR NAME”. Most people will have spent the time looking for their actual given names which also warms up your brain and engages it, a lot more than watching TV would anyways.

There are all kinds of puzzles, differing in style and in difficulty. There is a kind of puzzle for every kind of person! There are actual puzzles where you recreate the image using the pieces, sudoku which is a great brain exercise, and riddles among many other kinds. Don’t let your brain get out of shape and keep it active by diving into the world of puzzles!

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