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Little Johnny asks his mom.

It’s Christmas morning and after all the gifts are unwrapped Little Johnny asks the following question, “Mother, where did all these pretty toys come from?”

Mother: “Johnny, Santa brought all of them.”

Johnny: “Did he bring everything? Did he bring the electric train, the baseball glove, and the bat? The ice skates…”

Mother: “Yes Johnny, Santa brought everything.”



Johnny: “Well, then who buys all the things in the stores?

Two elderly men was frustrated about the woes of modern technology

A couple of elderly men were venting their frustrations about the woes of modern technology.

“I just can’t ever seem to remember my darn passwords,” grumbled one of them.

The other one smiled. “Oh really? I can never forget mine!”

“How do you manage it?” asked the first guy curiously.



“Well, I simply set all my passwords to ‘Incorrect’ so that whenever I’m told that my password is incorrect, I’ll remember it!”

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