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If I Had 4 Eggs Riddle

The challenge below has caused thousands of people to tear their hair out, trying to solve the task.

It’s anything but easy, but if you focus and think, I know you’ll solve it in no time.

How many eggs do I have?

Here comes today’s challenge. Below we see a picture.

If I had 4 eggs

My rabbit lays 4 eggs

A thief gives me 3 eggs

My farm rooster lays 5 eggs

How many eggs do I have?

Can you come up with the answer? Think carefully, read it a few times if you must. We’ll present the correct answer below.




Time for the solution

The correct answer will be after the next picture.

In the first sentence, the riddle says ‘If I had 4 eggs’ but this is a scenario only, and it’s a hypothetical situation. Therefore you did not have any eggs in the first place.

Thereafter, the rabbit lays 4 eggs but that is impossible. So still you have 0 eggs.

Then the thief gave you 3 eggs.

Afterward, the farm rooster laid 5 more eggs but as we know fact that the farm rooster is male in gender and they do not lay eggs. So, you have 0 eggs here.

Therefore, the final calculation is 0+0+3+0=3.

Hence, the correct answer to If I Had 4 Eggs My Rabbit Lays 4 Eggs Riddle is 3 Eggs.

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