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How Many Unlucky Omens Can You Spot?

BLACK cats and cracked mirrors – are you unfortunate enough to spot all 13 of the omens in this bad-luck bedroom?

The devious puzzle hides some of the most common unlucky omens we all come across in our daily lives.

here is the picture:

Did you find all 13 Unlucky Omens?

If you didn’t, that’s okay.

Try again.

Still no sign of them?

The answer is below.

If you want to see which one it is, keep scrolling.

1. A black cat
2. An open umbrella
3. The number 666
4. The number 13
5. A broken mirror
6. A ladder
7. An upside-down horseshoe
8. A crack in the floor
9. Abed (getting out the wrong side of the bed)
10. A white tablecloth on a table
11. A broken clock
12. An empty rocking chair
13. Shoes on a table

How Many Unlucky Omens Can You Spot?

how long will it take you to find the Easter egg in this brainteaser?

WITH Easter rapidly coming close, what much better method to commemorate than with an Easter egg search.

Exactly how rapidly can you identify the Easter egg in this picture?

Now, look at the picture below:

Looking at some patterns, it can be hard seeing things that could be in plain sight.

In this picture, the flowers can overshadow the hidden Easter egg.

But it’s still there.

Can you identify it? Not yet?

scroll down if you want to check your answer:




Can you find it in less than 30 seconds?




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