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Can You Spot The Odd Star Out Immediately?

Can You Spot The Odd One Out Immediately?

This test might look easy – but don’t be fooled.

These questions are some of the trickiest we’ve ever seen, and only a select few have solved them!

Are you able to multi-task and focus enough to catch the odd one out?

Give it a try and see if you can answer these tricky questions!

Can You Pass This Incredibly Difficult Odd One Out Visual Quiz?

Can you find it?

If you look closely, you might be able to see it.

Need a hint: If you still struggle to spot the mug, cast your attention to the right side of the puzzle

So … did you find the bat in the image? Scroll below to see where it’s hiding.

Still, stumped? Scroll down slowly to reveal the solution to this puzzle.










can you find the d right away?

Can you count all the bees in this pretty field scene?

This seek-and-find puzzle is far more difficult than it looks at first glance.

Hungarian artist Gergley Dudas, who often shares puzzles on his blog and in his books, has shared a fiendishly tricky new brainteaser challenging players to count all of the bees in the field.

Can you find them all? and the final number will surprise you.

While this may seem simple those bees are awfully good at hiding making it far from easy to keep track of them all.

With so many bees hidden in the scene you could easily end up counting them twice so bee wary.

Reckon you’ve got the answer? Scroll down for the reveal, but no cheating!







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