Home Lifestyle Can you count all the coffee mugs in this picture?

Can you count all the coffee mugs in this picture?

A BRAINTEASER is challenging viewers to see how quickly they can count all the coffee mugs in a picture.

The average time to find all the mugs is 2 minutes 47 seconds but the quickest is 1 minute 54 seconds. Can you beat the time?

Now, look at the pic and try to count them all!

How many mugs can you count?

Need a few more minutes?

We’ll give you some more time …



We’ll give you one last shot.

Ready to see where it’s hidden?

Alright, here there are:

How many mugs did you guess?

The answer is 57.

Can you find the hidden hedgehog in this brainteaser?

This autumnal seek-and-find quiz challenges you to find the hidden hedgehog, but will you be up to the challenge?

To make it harder, the hedgehog is shaped to look like the items that surround him, so you’ll need to have a proper look at the picture to locate him.

Now, look at the picture, can you find him?


Or maybe you still need help.

The answer is below if you keep scrolling.


Here it is:




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