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Almost No One Can Spot The Right Word. Can You?

This test is definitely a challenge for your brain and eyes. Most people can not find the full complete word in less than 20 seconds. Are you ready to try?

The good thing is that you will train your attentiveness and mental focus at the same time. It’s the perfect break for the day and a great way to challenge your friends as well. If you get stuck, you can scroll down to check out the answer.

Are you up for the challenge? Go for it!

Can you find the word “FLOAT” in less than 20 seconds?

Did you do it? If you struggled, don’t worry – practice makes perfect. We have the solution for you, right below.







Did you get it right without taking a look at the solution? How long did it take you?

How Fast Can You Find The Word “LOVE”?

Find the word “LOVE”. You can check your answers below!




Did you find the word?

Check your answer:

Tell us how long did it take you to find it.

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