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A man and a woman were asleep

A man and a woman lay asleep, resembling two innocent babies lost in slumber.

Suddenly, at 3 a.m., a jarring noise shattered the stillness from outside.

Bewilderment gripped the woman as she sprang up from the bed, her heart racing.

She cast an accusatory glance at the man and exclaimed, “Oh no! That must be my husband!”

Without a moment to spare, the man leaped out of bed, a surge of fear coursing through him.

Clad in nothing but vulnerability, he hurled himself out of the window with an almost crazed urgency.

He collided with the unforgiving ground, crashing through a thorn bush, each thorn a stinging reminder of his frantic escape.

Yet, undeterred, he rose to his feet, propelled by a surge of adrenaline, and dashed with urgency toward his parked car.

Just minutes later, he returned, his voice sharp with accusation, “I’m your husband, you…!”

Before he could finish, the woman shot back defiantly, “Yeah? Then why were you running? You…!”


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A wife asks her husband.

The wife turns to her husband and asks, “Darling, if I were to pass away, would you consider remarrying?”

The husband takes a moment to reflect and responds, “In time, I believe I might. We all seek companionship to heal.”

Curiosity lingers as the wife inquires, “And if I were no more, would your new wife reside in our cherished home?”

With a thoughtful nod, the husband explains, “We’ve invested much into creating the perfect home. It’s unlikely I’d part with it. Yes, she probably would.”

Continuing her questioning, the wife asks, “Hypothetically, if you remarried and she lived here, resting in our bed, would she slumber in our very bed?”

The husband’s eyes meet hers, “Indeed, our bed is fairly new, an investment of $2,000. It’s built to endure, so yes, she would.”

A mischievous glint in her eye, the wife adds one final twist, “And if you remarried, if she inhabited our home, slept in our bed, would she also take up my beloved golf clubs?”

Laughter fills the room as the husband playfully retorts, “Ah, but there’s a catch! She’s a lefty, my dear!”

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