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A blonde saw a thief

A blonde was at home watching TV with her friends when she heard a noise.

She ran out just in time to see a thief drive off in her car.

“Did you see their face?” her friends asked when she came back inside.


No, but it’s okay – I got the license plate number!”

Blondes love puzzles

There was this bartender & he was working at the bar one night.

In walked a group of blondes & they were chanting ”44 days! 44 days!”

One of the blondes was carrying a picture puzzle of Cookie Monster in a frame. The bartender leaned towards the blonde holding the puzzle and asked, ”Why are you chanting 44 days?”

She set down the puzzle on the counter and said, ”A lot of people think us blondes are dumb, so to show them, we bought this puzzle and put it together. It said 1-3 months but we completed it in 44 days!”’

are you tired of blonde joke?


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