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3 elderly men sneak on stage, now watch as they turn around and make the crowd go wild

Talent Night at the nursing home is not quite something that is the talk of the town and gets spectators lining up for entry hours before the time. However, for residents, there is something to look forward to seeing their elderly friend’s talents which they didn’t know they had or might have had before the unfortunate deterioration of time.

And then, there are still a few people who have convinced themselves that they have actually acquired new talents in their old age. This may include anything from the tricks they do with their walking sticks or weird things they can do with the false teeth.

One such performance was broadcast on YouTube from the Leisure World nursing home in Seal Beach, California, in 2009 and became a viral sensation with nearly 16 million views. Three men aged 70 enter the stage wearing black trousers, black shoes, white socks, and white T-shirts.

With hands on their aching and bent-over backs, they follow each other in single file onto the stage under the dramatic musical accompaniment of the Star Wars main theme. Each standing in front of the chair with their backs turned to the audience; they patiently wait for the music to complete.

Then the performance music blasts over the microphones. The Awesome Threesome shows their friends, to their absolute joy and delight, what they are still capable of. An unmissable performance, maybe a bit in slow motion, but memorable enough to become a viral sensation.

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