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9 Absolute Signs That Someone Is Lying To You


Here are the 9 basic rating scales that will allow you to detect when you’re being told a lie:

1. Is nervous, tense, and fidgety.

It’s a big liar to be able to make a lot of lies without looking at least a little worried. (Indeed, this is one of the clues to indicate that someone might be a psychopath.) Someone who tells the truth will seem relaxed – maybe not happy, but at least not particularly bad at it. comfortable, to believe his story.

2. Leaves out sensory details.

A liar jumps a lot of the little things that beautify stories told by honest people. These are more difficult to hold later, so he simply omits them. Someone who tells the truth could say what music was playing in the background or what color had the flowers on the table. A liar will try to make details, including time, as incomplete as possible, as they are difficult to construct and remain consistent in subsequent representations of the story.

3. Makes few complaints or negative comments.
It does not seem intuitive, but it makes sense that someone trying to make a good impression wants to be positive. People who want to impress others try to hide their own negative reactions to love (and believe) them.

4. Makes spontaneous corrections.

Because the liars have so much to go back up, they are going to work intensely on their stories: “Her name was Lily, no, it was Lisa, wait, maybe it was Linda.” but if it happens so often that you notice it, the person is probably hiding something.

5. Admits frequently to faulty memory.

People who tell the truth do not have much difficulty remembering a real event, situation or event. They lived it, so it’s easy enough. Liars, however, give themselves “the excuse” of having a bad memory, when in reality they are just lies they can hardly remember.

6. Keeps it short and vague.

The longer, more complete and spelled out a story, the more likely it is. When you say a lie or a series of lies, it’s more annoying because you have to create a complete scenario from your head. The brevity can be “the soul of the joke”, but it is also the soul of the lie.

7. Doesn’t make sense and is full of contradictions.

As you go along, it should be clear that a true story is better than a series of lies. Back to the fall of the shirt, it is very likely that the clothes of a more expensive store will look more expensive. If what you see does not correspond to what you know to be the case, it is very likely that you do not know the truth.

8. Talks unusually slowly.

The talk of a fortune-teller is relatively normal, but people who lie tend to take a little more time because they self-publish, are consistent and omit negative comments. We hear about “quick sellers,” but instead of lying, these characters are just trying to confuse you. In addition, a salesman may speak quickly when reciting a well-repeated lie, but a liar lover will probably proceed with great caution when telling fictional stories about his past.

9. Seems to be thinking hard.

If your interviewer appears to be insecure or, even worse, makes great efforts to report events in a plausible way, this indicates that their cognitive burden is increasing. It is obvious that people who tell the truth have trouble remembering past events, but especially if an event had not been so recent and made sense, they should not be aware of every sentence to which they relate sweat. If you ask your partner how his or her last relationship ended, that person should be reasonably certain. Over time, a partner who has lied about this separation must work even harder to reconcile the details with other things you learn about this past relationship.