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An Old Lady Had A Small Shop.

An old French lady had a small shop in her village for years until one day a huge corporate supermarket set up across the road from her little shop. 

They put up signs advertising their prices, including one that said: Butter – 10 euros.

In response, the old lady added a sign to her own window: Butter – 9 euros.

The next day, the big supermarket had a new sign: Butter – 8 euros.

Indeed, the day after the lady’s sign said: Butter – 7 euros.

This went on for a while until eventually one of the lady’s customers pointed to the sign and said.

“Ma’am, you can’t keep your prices that low for long. These big companies can use their buying power to sell products cheaper, but a little store like yours can never compete.”

In response, the old French lady bent forward conspiratorially and muttered.

“Monsieur, I don’t even sell butter.”


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An Old Lady Was Driving On The Highway.

One day an old lady was driving on the highway.

She frequently checked her speed gauge to make sure she stayed within the speed limit.

However, when she looked in her rear mirror, much to her dismay, she saw a police car not far behind!

And to make matters worse, the police car turned on his flashing lights.

She thought, “Uh-oh, what have I done now?” I am not speeding. I’m not drinking. I have my seat belt on! I have kept up my license dues and everything!”

So she pulled over and the police car pulled over to the side right behind her car.

She drove her car slowly to a stop, slowly rolled down the window, and prepared for a ticket when she knew she didn’t deserve it.

A policeman walked up to her window and spoke to her.

The lady pointed to her ear and shook her head, meaning she was deaf.

The policeman smiled slightly, and knowing sign language, signed back, “I know. I’m here to tell you that your horn is stuck.”

Hope this joke will make you smile! Have a nice day!!

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