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A Magical Mirror

Once there was a magical mirror. When you told the truth it gave you things, but if you lie, it makes you vanish forever.

One day, three college girls went to the magical mirror.

The redhead said, “I think I’m the smartest one.” Then she got a diploma, a scholarship and got accepted into all the colleges in the world.

The brunette then said, “I think I’m the prettiest one.” Then she got a Corvette, mansion, a good-looking boyfriend, and a lot of money.

Then the blonde said, “I think…” *poof* Then she suddenly disappeared forever!


Hope this joke will make you smile! Have a nice day!

A blonde, brunette, and a black haired girl are running.

A blonde, a brunette, and a black-haired girl are running from the police.

So they run into a farm and split up.

The black-haired girl runs behind a cow.

The brunette runs behind a pig, and the blonde runs behind a sack of potatoes.

Night comes and the police eventually find the barn and search it.

One of the policemen looks through the cattle and shines a light at the cows.

The black hair just yells “MOOOOOOOOOO.”

The policeman thinks nothing of it and moves to the pigs.

Thinking fast, the brunette tries to mimic the pigs and yells “Oink” “Oink.”

Once again, the policeman thinks nothing of it and moves on until he stumbles upon the sacks of potatoes.

The Blonde in the best voice she can come up with yells, “POTATOES POTATOES.”


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