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7 Things You Should Never Apologize For


7 Things You Should Never Apologize For Not Now, Not Ever!

1. Needing alone time

You do not have to apologize for the time you spend doing things that are important to you. You do not have to explain your need for personal care to someone you love. You have the right to live at home, you have the right to do things that make you happy and you have the right to live as if you were still yours, even if you were in a relationship.

2. Your past mistakes

Yeah, you may have messed up and sent to a bully in high school. Yes, maybe it was almost 20 years ago – but nobody can apologize for the stupidity you made earlier. Unless it is illegal or the compelling need for an exchange of forgiveness.

On the other hand, you may have met two younger boys and your husband is fighting. The basic rule is that if something happens before you end up in someone’s life, technically it has nothing to do with it.

3. How you really feel

You should never apologize or even feel the need to apologize for being able to express your emotions. You are entitled to your feelings, whether someone understands them or is willing to understand them or not, you are entitled to them. Never let anyone urge you to apologize for saying what you feel. It is courageous to express yourself when you hurt yourself and someone tells you that you are too emotional or that you are overreacting. Basically, they tell you that they are not ready to hear what you feel and to support you. Usually, they have done something to hurt you and they do not have the opportunity to apologize. This is not because they must finally apologize and demand that you apologize for your alleged “overreaction”.

4. Being “different”

Let’s be honest, everyone is different and people are normal. And people who want to be different but feel completely normal will try to make others feel bad when they are unique. That’s what they want to be. They are interesting for you, so their goal is to make you feel worse than you really think. Stay different and show it to yourself.

5. Wearing something that makes you feel good.

No matter who you are or what you look like, if you feel good, work on it. Do not apologize for your trust, no matter what people say. Life is too short to take care of anything but his own happiness.

6. Putting yourself first

Your health and mental stability are essential to your social life and your commitments. Therefore, you must first meet your requirements without regret. There is a big difference between self and egoism. To be able to work well in society, you have to be satisfied.

7. Telling the truth

Do not get me wrong, I think we all agree that there are times when you do not tell the truth what comes to your mind. However, it is not necessary to feel guilty or to apologize for having expressed what you really believe and honestly. It takes courage and strength.

Be the kind of friend you want.